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Description of Aptoide

Aptoide is an open source independent Android app store that allows you to install and discover apps in an easy, exciting and safe way.

Aptoide is community-driven and delivers apps through a social experience. It offers the chance for any user to create and manage their own store, upload their own apps, follow community recommendations and discover new content.

Can’t find a specific app on mainstream Android app stores? Aptoide probably has it! And don’t worry: all the apps are checked for viruses, and we perform extra security tests to ensure your Android device is always safe.

Aptoide is reinventing app distribution and discovery in a social and collaborative way. Join us in the revolution!

With Aptoide you can:
- Download your favorite Android apps privately and without signing up;
- Find apps that are not available in other Android marketplaces;
- Downgrade your apps to previous versions;
- Create your store and choose its name, logo, and color theme;
- Check out recommended apps and stores through Aptoide's unique apps timeline;
- Follow other stores and know who is following you - don't worry, you can keep things private too;
- Rate and review apps and stores, and reply to other users’ comments;
- Share apps locally with your friends without the need of an internet connection.

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Users' Reviews

26 days ago through Aptoide App
When I Add A Pic To My App Store It Says Its Width And Height Is Lower Than 600px If I Size My Pics Height And Width It's Says That Again. Then It Made Me Resize My Pics Height & Width Higher Than 600px And Then It's Says It Again. Stupid. Fix It
614 days ago through Aptoide App
Everytime a download get 100%or 99 the download stops! and when i go to downloads it says no recent downloads right now. and the worst part is like ealier today i had 19GB then went in and starter downloading a game that was 1GB when it gets to 99% and its stops the download it also disappears but that not all i went back and checked how much free space it had it showed 18GB so it did eat up 1GB even if it fails. and yes i have no restrictions for this app so there no way it closes also my phone is 132GB so it can handle this downloads and more what it doesn't work well is ur servers!
Abdelhadi rgabiabdo
623 days ago through Aptoide App
I hate you, after updating a huge file and coming to 99% I restarted my phone and all data was lost, and it's not the first time, 3 times. we need our cache files and our files safe
627 days ago through Aptoide App
this version of app has many problems such as conection speed and errors and instalation fails. preveiws version were better
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Android compatability
Android 4.1.x+ (Jelly Bean)